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Financial Domination by Platinum Blonde Goddesses

We are THE Financial Blondes, THE Blonde Rinsers. Rinsing the internet, one wallet at a time!! The Financial Blonde Rinsers are GODDESS LYCIA and DIAMOND DIVA PRINCESS rinsing guys & rinsing men. Visit our sites to become aware of the unlimited potential to experience TRUE Financial Domination by Platinum Blonde Femmes Fatales, who are not only gorgeous, but who easily control your mind with hypnosis and NLP. Naturally, you are intrigued, are you not? Expand your world NOW~

Goddess Lycia

“The reason I engage in financial fetishes is because they are HOT. It’s baffling to me why some submissives aren’t able to see that.  Capitalism is modern day society’s religion. It’s what we all build our lives around, whether we want to or not. Our whole existence is about working and making money so that we can buy things. Some of the things we buy are necessary, like food, housing, and transportation. Other stuff we buy is purely for fun and entertainment. But the bottom line is   that money is something we all want and need. It is of great importance to anyone living on this planet, and therefore giving the money you earn to a woman you admire, simply because you admire her, is the ultimate submission, the ultimate sacrifice, and the ultimate gift.” ~ Goddess Lycia

Specialties: erotic hypnosis, mind control, brainwashing, mind fucking, mind games, goddess worship, humiliation, small penis humiliation, feminization, sissification, bimboification, forced bi, tease and denial, orgasm denial, chastity training, masturbation instructions, cuckolding, financial domination, rinsing men, rinsing guys, money slavery, love and addiction, goddess worship, blonde fetish, lipstick fetish, hosiery fetish, shoe fetish, foot fetish, fingernail fetish

Goddess LyciaLipstick Domme

Diamond Diva Princess

“Being the ULTIMATE CAPITALISTIC BLONDE, it comes naturally to ME to have you beneath Me & to use you as My wallet! I KNOW the power I have OVER YOU. All I have to do is flash My green eyes, snap My pretty fingers, and I’ve got you wrapped around My little pinky just like one of My platinum blonde tresses.” ~ Diamond Diva Princess

Specialties: I AM the Fetish. The fetish of ME encompasses ALL things I enjoy & indulge in, including, but not limited to: Financial Domination, Financial Fetish, Moneyslavery, Love & Addiction, Blonde Fetish, Goddess Worship, World Domination, Annuity Slaves, Haute Snobisme, Royal Lineage, Fashionista, Intelligentsia, Esoteric Knowledge, Mind Control, Hypnosis, Brainwashing, Psychological Experimentation, Religious Domination, Intellectual Domination, Behaviour Modification, Objectification, Lipstick Fetish, Make-up Fetish, Shoe Fetish, Boot Fetish, Jewelry Fetish, Hosiery Fetish, Glove Fetish, Fur Fetish, Glamour Fetish, Hand Fetish, Foot Fetish, Femme Fatale Fetish, Dollification, Rinsing men, Rinsing guys, Robot Creation, Interrogation, inflicting severe mental duress, all forms of mental torment including sensory overload and deprivation.

Capitalistic BlondeMoney Domineiress Boutique

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