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Additional Niteflirt Account – Wallet Domme

Hello blonde fetishists- This is Goddess Lycia, one of your favorite blonde financial dommes, with some HOT news. Read on…

I’ve been considering this for a while, and was recently advised to do so by Mz Devon while we were on our trip. While I will absolutely be keeping and using my Goddess Lycia Niteflirt account and selling my Goddess Lycia files through the same account, I have opened an additional Niteflirt account under the name Wallet Domme. I also began a little website for the Wallet Domme account here.

Goddess Lycia (me) is a very famous Hypnodomme. I am a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner, and definitely one of the most sought-after Femdom hypnotists online. It is a rare occasion for me to log on to my Goddess Lycia listings on Niteflirt and not receive calls from those who desire an erotic hypnosis session.

While I love erotic hypnosis and enjoy doing erotic hypnosis sessions, there are times when I am not in the right environment or the right head space. For example, when I am traveling and/or around other people, I generally do not want to accept erotic hypnosis calls. I have to be alone when I do those. I also have to have the right setting, environment, and overall mood.

Goddess Lycia is so well known for erotic hypnosis, that even if I log on exclusively to my “humiliation” or “tease and denial” listings under my Goddess Lycia Niteflirt account, people will still call me on those for hypnosis. My Wallet Domme account is a non-hypno account that I will be able to use when I am traveling, with other people, or just not in the mood to be of service. Wallet Domme is the emotionally sadistic, money hungry, humiliatrix bitch side of myself who doesn’t care about trying to please you or give you a good orgasm. All Wallet Domme cares about is fucking with your head and extracting as much money from you as possible.

While my Wallet Domme listings are pending approval, you can use this button to call me there:

Call Button

You can also dial direct: 1-800-863-5478 ext. 10030373

The rate is currently $4.99 per minute, but I will probably change it sporadically. I plan to build more on the Wallet Domme website and listings, and plan to sell upcoming (non-hypno) downloads having to do with financial domination and humiliation through both my Wallet Domme account and my Goddess Lycia account.

I am really excited about this new account, because it means I will be logged on more often for my non-hypno fans. Additionally, I plan to really let loose with ruthless wallet drains, now that I have given myself an outlet through which I am expressing ZERO consideration for what those who contact me might desire. Wallet Domme is ALL about ME.

Again, Goddess Lycia is SO VERY here to stay. I enjoy sharing deep, profound, sexual connections through erotic hypnosis, and am always working to improve my already stellar skills. I love creating erotic hypnosis mp3s, and have a new script in progress. So please know you aren’t losing anything! I am simply giving myself an additional outlet. In fact, I believe I will provide better services as a hypnotist and will be more patient, understanding, and helpful to my hypnosis subjects, now that I am giving myself the freedom to be a completely selfish, greedy, stuck-up bitch through Wallet Domme *kiss*

Talk to you soon, boyz!

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