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Be a Christmas Mouse in the corner & peep My PINK Champagne PRINCESSMAS Gala!

Click to tribute BOTTLES of BUBBLY for My Gala! Be a Christmas MOUSE in the corner and peep My very exclusive PINK CHAMPAGNE PRINCESSMAS INTERACTIVE PARTY in AWE of MY SPARKLING GLAMOUR!!


you could NEVER reach the status of My PRIVATE & EXCLUSIVE VIP PARTY, but picture yourself in the most ELITIST CLUB that you could EVER DREAM. you glance up and catch a fleeting glimpse of ME, My jewels glittering in the starlight club on the third story balcony above, PINK velvet roped and leopard skin rugs, a locked metal door to the likes of you, UNINVITED.

you hear the CLINK of the CRYSTAL Champagne glasses, see the shimmer of the PINK BUBBLY NECTAR as I toast with My PRIVATE ENTOURAGE. INACCESSIBLE. UNATTAINABLE am I.

you *click* your fingers and ask the waiter to send the STUNNING BLONDE ELITIST PRINCESS Her chosen champagne .. looking in your wallet to see how many bottles of CHAMPAGNE you can afford for ME. you will spend ALL your MONEY on this. What will it be? ONE bottle, TWO bottles, THREE bottles.. FIVE?!!

Here’s how it works:

star Add to the AVALANCHE of ELEGANTLY EXQUISITE GIFTS under MY Dazzling Tree! Each slave which contributes to My indulgent PINK CHAMPAGNE PRINCESSMAS PARTY will receive an EXCITINGLY CLANDESTINE email surprise filled with exclusive photos from My PINK CHAMPAGNE GALA which NO ONE else gets to see.. private glimpses of My personal SPARKLING HOLIDAY celebration!

This CLANDESTINE PRIVATE EMAIL will also include an EXCLUSIVE SECRET MEDIA FILE not available to ANYONE else but those who participate! Trust Me, you DON’T want to miss it!


 To participate, click the champagne bottles above to contribute your selected number of BOTTLES of BUBBLY to My PINK CHAMPAGNE PRINCESSMAS PARTY! Every slave which contributes will receive the INTERACTIVE CLANDESTINE EMAIL SURPRISE detailed above INCLUDING My EXCLUSIVE SECRET MEDIA FILE which will NEVER be available at any other time, and ONLY sent to those who participate!


Yeah, he’s wrapped around MY little finger TOO! SANTA LOVES ME!!

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