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To the illuminated mind the whole world burns and sparkles with light. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Diamond Diva Princess: The Story Behind the Title MP3

The genesis of My name DIAMOND DIVA PRINCESS – I know how much all of you weak willed man pawns LOVE My name, so what a TOTAL treat for you to listen to My absolutely PRECIOUS and totally SNOBBY voice as I tell you all the PERSONAL & EXCLUSIVE DETAILS behind the choosing of MY title! Learn more about your RELIGION, your GODDESS, your RULER!


A recent review of The Story Behind the Title; DIAMOND DIVA PRINCESS DIVINE ESOTERICA, a testimony by DRONE JAROD:

“Thanks to Diamond Diva Princess’s treasuries of inestimable enticements ever-increasingly enthralling you everlastingly, you are hypnotized, hexed, haunted, and Hers whether or not you realize or acknowledge the truth–your fascination with the finest in fabulous FemDom and FinDom flummoxed fool for Her amusements, experiments, and judgments.

Now that destiny has been spelled out,  turn to becoming tenaciously tantalized and tormented by the one and only mercurial Temptress “DIAMOND DIVA PRINCESS” and “THE STORY BEHIND THE TITLE”.

$$$ 🙂  This mesmerizingly manipulative, magnetizing, minimalist masterpiece proves, “A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing”.  For each and every dainty and deadly dollop of information about Diamond Diva Princess satiates and paradoxically stimulates the ceaseless hunger and thirst to know even more about She who wisely and wickedly waylays hosts by simply uttering the word “DARLING!” in Her signature, deliciously devilish way only Her viciously cute Voice vexingly and voraciously cancels all resistance to Her wishes, whimsicalness, willfulness, and willpower overwhelms.

$$$ 🙂  DDP calls this prize “The Story Behind The Title“.  For in everything Diamond Diva is and does, there are layers of labyrinths of mazes of matrices of conundrums within enigmas surrounded by riddles covered by paradoxes, allusions, illusions, mysteries, esoterica, and beyond.  She does not explicitly declare that this MP3 is hypnotic.  For is it not so that each iota of anything DDP elects to disclose is enchantingly imbued with Her innately entrancing nature, persona, desires, and manifestations?  In Her description of this audio, The Diamond Diva does not say this recording is directly connected to Her bedeviling beauty, gorgeous glamour fetish, etc. However, is it not the case that all which is in any way linked to DDP arises from Her beauty, glamour, gorgeousness, brilliance, cruelties, charms, captivations, and the like?  Liking Her, longing for Her, love-struck silly and senseless by Her is the fate of all Her drones, detractors, and all others She dazzles, dazes, and presses perpetually into servitude to Her sophisticated sway stunningly stupefies hosts of legions of myriads of multitudes.

$$$ 🙂  Her forthrightness about Herself and Her desires is what first drew me into DDP’s sphere.  And “DIAMOND DIVA PRINCESS: THE STORY BEHIND THE TITLE” continues to show how truthful She always is.  For in contemplatively meditating upon the details of what She says and how and why She says it, themes found within Her audios, videos, words, images, and all She allows others to behold can clearly be perceived.

$$$ 🙂  Why have no specifics about this DDP revelation been included?  One is proffered to ensorcel and entrap you.


As imbibing “The Story Behind the Title” opens your defenselessness to DDP’s demure, devastating Presence, the name of a wily, witching Woman Diamond Diva considers great indeed is presented to do more than enmesh all in Her august awesomeness.  This fact unveils much and conceals much more about the Living Voodoo Doll Princess of Powers.

$$$ 🙂  Diamond Diva Princess has Swarovski crystal clearly implanted in any and all manpawn, pay piggy brainlessness that each one who cannot resist the exponentially expanding craving to know how Her nom de plume came to beguile and bewitch, bewilder and belittle you must pay through the nose for this insidious injection of Her vamping venom.



OBEY!OBEY!!OBEY!!!“` Her commandment that you purCHASE and subjugate your worthlessness to this tenaciously tantalizing, spellbinding sparkler amongst Her priceless crown jewels AKA any of Her cunning, cultured, cultivated creations.  As if you had any choice other than to do Her bidding–or else.” – DRONE JAROD

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