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Financial Blondes Patreon Campaign

Patronage to The Financial Blondes

The Financial Blondes have been brainstorming for weeks and have developed a very sophisticated and advanced BRAINWASH PROGRAM such as the world has never seen. NOTHING like this has EVER been done before.

As ever, we are THE INNOVATORS of Mind Control & Femdom Hypnosis. Our intellect knows no bounds.

Naturally you are curious how you can experience this brainwash program. you are filled with questions and we have the answers.

  • You can’t buy it, because it will never be available for purchase anywhere, at any price.
  • You can’t get it from one of us, because you need both parts for it to work.
  • This brainwash program will never be available for purchase anywhere, at any price. That’s right, it is literally priceless.

So how do you get the chance to experience this mind-melting interlocking brainwash program?

Sign up as patrons to the Financial Blondes over the next two weeks & receive our special interlocking 2-part BRAINWASH PROGRAM!! It’s as easy as that.

This exclusive 2-part interlocking program is a high-tech mind control creation crafted by and featuring both Goddess Lycia AND Diamond Diva Princess! You can get BOTH parts of the 2-part interlocking program only by being Patrons of BOTH the Financial Blondes. One part of this program will NOT work without the other.

OMG WE are literally GENIUS. We are BRILLIANT *AND* BEAUTIFUL *AND* BLONDE. How can you possibly resist?


Here are the rules for the newest Global Domination Campaign for The Blonde Rinsers!


  1. Become a Patron of both our Patreons over the next 2 weeks and you will receive our 2-part INTERLOCKING BRAINWASH PROGRAM.
  2. You must, however, become a Patron to BOTH of the Financial Blondes to receive either and both parts; one part will NOT work without the other, We repeat, this program is INTERLOCKING and will not work with only one half.
  3. At the end of our campaign in two weeks you will receive one part of this interlocking program from Diamond Diva Princess, and one part from Goddess Lycia. you will put both parts together as instructed by the Financial Blondes and the puzzle will be complete, the interlocking brainwash program will be ready for you to begin your hypno-training session.