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Goodie Goodie Gumdrop ~> Niteflirt Promo EXCLUSIVE for YOUR eyes ONLY

Exciting News!! Niteflirt has just introduced a new content-selling system to feature digital goodies and invited Me to add some of My most popular items to their new showcase before it goes LIVE!

To kick off the premiere of My new “GOODIES” showcase, here is a NITEFLIRT PROMO EXCLUSIVE for your eyes ONLY!!


COMATOSE: only 100.00 for a LIMITED TIME. This mp3 is regularly 150.00 get it NOW via this NITEFLIRT PROMO EXCLUSIVE introducing My new “GOODIES” showcase!

COMATOSE. Everything you have been taught thus far in your life has all been a LIE. I am here to deprogram you from the lies of the patriarchal society. This de-programization mp3 will make your mind like a blank slate for My further brainwashing experiments.

Click play for a teensy audio teaser!

Read what slaves are saying about COMATOSE:

Royal Mood of THE Capitalistic Blonde Money Domme ”Helpless and Caught.. Princess’s voice will slowly drip into your brain, making you sleepier with each drop until you are open and helpless. Her multi-layered whispers will echo in your head, pulling you deeper into her trap with each repetition.

You will be left sleepy and entangled in her pretty web.”

Royal Mood of THE Capitalistic Blonde Money Domme “Comatose makes me realize Princess is the one and only truth. Her soft, sweet voice drives me to obsession. I am completely worthless and very lucky to serve her.”

Royal Mood of THE Capitalistic Blonde Money DommeCOMATOSE will leave you weary, open, and too SLEEPY to resist the irresistible DE-PROGRAMMING Princess will subject you to. She will slowly empty your brain of your free will and pour in her instructions to take its place. Be careful what you wish for before listening. It will start as a thrill and end up becoming an intoxicating obsession.”

Royal Mood of THE Capitalistic Blonde Money Domme“i think it doesn’t matter which one of HER seemingly endless works one listen, they are absolutely effective! For someone unaware they are “dangerous”, for me they are all pure heaven! In “Comatose” for example SHE tells you what is wrong with our society and what they have taught you. After listening to it you know that SHE is absolutely right with everything SHE tells you! For me it was the next step to total submission to HER will and i really love every second of it! Absolutely great!!!”

you can’t resist MY voice.. you NEED My words. I am here to DEPROGRAM YOU.. AWAKEN!

Don’t snooze, GET COMATOSE NOW via My new Niteflirt Exclusive “GOODIES” Promo!!


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