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Niteflirt PTV Interaction

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I am way too gorgeous to even be taking the time to post this. I know you boyz have been fiending for my attention while I am out and about, enjoying my Goddess Life. Although I haven’t been taking too many calls, I have been interacting via Niteflirt pay-to-view mail with certain lucky slaves. So if you find yourself desperate for me, write me there, and I might reply. *kissy*

Go to my profile. Click on “Send Mail” on the upper left. You have to be a Niteflirt member, obviously, so sign up if you aren’t already. Send me a mail, and I will write back maybe, and it will cost you to read what I say in my reply. Because that’s how I roll, and you roll My Way.

Always remember, I am better than you. As long as we have that understanding, we should be just fine.

Luv ya!

Goddess Lycia – Lipstick Fetish Hypnodomme QUEEN


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