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Official Press Release for the 3rd Annual MARILYN VIGIL


I will be lighting candles tonight in memory of THE Luminescent Marilyn Monroe, I will keep these candles lit in a vigil from 12 midnight PST to 4 a.m, during Marilyn’s final hours. Follow Me on TWITTER to keep abreast of the details, and to celebrate the life of Marilyn with Me in the early morning hours of August 5th.

During this 4 hour LIVE event I will be posting EXCLUSIVELY during the event both here in My Personal Forum, and also in My Cash Cow FINANCIAL FETISH Club with Goddess Lycia, and a few of our close friends.  We will be sharing Marilynette stories, posting images and videos of Marilyn Monroe, and watching our favourite Marilyn movies.

I have chosen THE SEVEN YEAR ITCH on Blu-Ray as My Marilyn movie selection for this years event. I will be dressed SO gorgeously at My GLAMOUROUS Party which will be a celebration of all Marilyn’s favourite things; select Hors d’oeuvres which were among Marilyn’s favourite delicacies, the finest CAVIAR, toasting with Champagne Bubbly, and indulging in exorbitant luxurious GLAMOUR just as Marilyn loved! Of course TWINKLE will also be celebrating, and dressed adorably in one of her Chi-Chi Couture dresses and jewels in honour of this occasion!

 To contribute to My LUXURIOUS PARTY INDULGENCES, click & pay one or all of the 5 items below!

Tribute for Precious BAUBLES for My Marilyn Monroe Champagne Party!! Tribute for 24kt Edible GOLD for My Marilyn Monroe Champagne Party!! Tribute Bubbly for My Marilyn Champagne Party! Tribute CAVIAR for My Marilyn Monroe Champagne Party! Tribute Fine Delicacies for My Marilyn Monroe Champagne Party!

This celebration will come to a finale at 4 am when we listen to MARILYN MONROE’S EULOGY by Lee Strasberg, please bookmark it and watch along with Me at 4 a.m. I encourage you to have your own personal celebration of Marilyn’s life along with Me.. we keep her memory alive in our remembrance.

For the entire world, she became a symbol of the Eternal Feminine” – Lee Strasberg, Marilyn’s friend, confidante, acting coach, and director of the famed Actor’s Studio

RIP Marilyn Monroe – your laughter & luminescence lingers on


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