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Diamond Diva Princess | SLAVE to MY GLAMOUR ~ Video TEASER!

When I uploaded this video preview to Youtube, the tags Youtube recommended for My video were: Beautiful, Pretty, Cute, Blonde, Beauty as character occupation ~ thanks for noticing YT!

This totally GLAMOUROUS *HYPNOTIC* video of Me in Classic Hollywood Cinema style ala Marilyn Monroe is SO STUNNING! OMG. I am DRIPPING IN JEWELS, wearing a jeweled lace dress, so luxe!

The shimmer & shine from the sparkle of My jewels, glossy lips, and Platinum Blonde hair will hypnotize you as you sit SPELLBOUND & mesmerized by My every movement, My subliminal messages will invade your brain and effortlessly condition you to be My hard-working $$ SLAVE MACHINE $$.

As you hear Me speak My video message to you, you will listen carefully to My every word, and what I am telling you. you will forget about EVERYTHING ELSE, craving ONLY to become slave to MY GLAMOUR. OMG you want to work your fingers to the bone to INDULGE in ME!! I am your ONLY Luxury!

Become slave to MY GLAMOUR..



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