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The INAUGURATION of the Celebrity Findom Upscale Auction House Red Carpet PREMIERE PARTY!! BID! BID! BID!

Details: To celebrate the INAUGURAL Red Carpet PREMIERE of the new Celebrity Findom Upscale Auction House we are having an EXCLUSIVE VIP PARTY! We are making FINDOM HISTORY on as there has NEVER been anything like this before!

What is Celebrity Findom Upscale Auction House: The Sotheby’s and Christie’s of the world of Financial Domination, Celebrity Findom Upscale Auction House is the intercontinental PREMIERE findom auction house, unparalleled & unprecedented. This innovative and glamourous Auction House is a showcase featuring highest quality private sales by the top Money Dommes in the World. Destined to be celebrated and coveted by denizens & fans of Financial Domination, the Celebrity Findom Upscale Auction House sets the bar in high-end FINDOM auctions.

FANS/ACOLYTES/SLAVES: bring your CASH, CHECKS, and CREDIT CARDS ready to BID! BID! BID! on our exciting auctions! Many of these private sale auction items are beautiful things we have worn & used in some of our most FAMOUS photo shoots & VIDEOS! Can you just IMAGINE??! Our premiere auctions go live for bidding on the night of the Premiere Party, remember this will make FINDOM history! There has never been anything like this in the world of Financial Domination. you WANT to be a part of it. OMG you are SO EXCITED to BID HIGH on these auctions which will open the night of the Grand Opening, Premiere Party!

Until then oogle the auctions which will go live for bidding on the night of the Premiere HERE! Start planning your bids and fantasizing about adding these gorgeous items to your fanboy collections! OMG you KNOW you are dying to own an item THE FINANCIAL BLONDES have WORN or USED!!

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